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Beware of Newegg—They Snitch on Customers!

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Newegg Lied to CT Customers, Turned Over Customer Data to Tax Authorities

Fellow computer builders:

Today I received a demand for sales tax payment from CT Dept of Revenue Services. It appears that Newegg sold out my personal information to CT DRS. As a result of their failure to keep my transaction private between them and me, the State of CT is harassing me for a sum close to $600.

This is to inform them that I WILL NO LONGER BE A CUSTOMER OF NEWEGG. Newegg has sold out its CT customers. Sales between you and customers are NO BUSINESS OF CT DRS!!


There are hundreds of angry CT Newegg customers discussing this online. A few are looking to hire an attorney and start a class action suit.

Newegg VOLUNTARILY gave up information to CT DRS without a fight, essentially throwing it’s CT customers under the bus.

For years, Newegg knowingly benefitted from increased sales, knowing it didn’t collect taxes from buyers. They had an advantage over Amazon in this way. By reaping this benefit for so long, and then screwing their customers with the State and potential civil and criminal penalties, Newegg has shown that it is the lowest of the low in doing business.


I recommend that CT customers of Newegg express their opinions of this ratting out to Newegg’s CEO. His contact information is below:

Newegg Inc

Mr Fred Chang, Founder

Postal Address

16839 East Gale Ave,
City Of Industry, CA, 91745

MCIK 0001341704


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March 4, 2018 at 5:09 pm

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America’s Judgement Day

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Voters have the choice between a banana republic and the rule of law.

2016 could well be the year that marks a major inflection point in world history. We have the choice between continuing and escalating the corrupt establishment, and trying something unknown. Of course a lot of people fear the unknown.

So here’s what the likely outcomes are:


A Hillary victory would spell the end of a free America. Her plans to impose an Australian style gun ban, tax estates at 65% and bullheadedly invade Syria against the Russian forces who are there on the invitation of the Syrian government, would lead to civil war on a local level, and quite possibly nuclear war between the two Superpowers.

A Trump victory would still largely be an unknown outcome, but statistically likely to be not as bad. Oh heck, nothing is as bad as nuclear war! Still, he’s made a lot of pie in the sky promises which I doubt he can see through to implemtation. But his promises resonate with the heartland of productive Americans. Would he be too soft on Russia? Perhaps. Or maybe not. But what of his negotiation skills? As a businessman, he’s honed them quite well. Can he adapt them to politics? That remains to be seen.

The voting public is sharply and bitterly divided for this election cycle. In my own circle of friends, I see and mentally categorize whom is voting for whom. So far, I’ve noted that my associates and friends who are government employees, or unemployed and enjoying government subsidies, or underemployed and on government assistance, are voting for Hillary. Of the CEOs, ordinary business owners, and productive working people that I know, Trump is their man. I also see a divide in the neighborhood. The new McMansion style homes that were built in the last few years have Hillary signs out front. The older homes of blue collar workers have Trump signs. A clear class division.

As of this writing, mid afternoon of election day, Hillary has a wide margin in her favor:

And look at all the blue states. This, my friends, is the result of fifty-plus years of Progressive Education.

It could be too early to call it. At least wait until working people get off from the job and go and vote. Maybe things will look brighter.

So what if it doesn’t turn around? What then? How much ammo do you have? How much food stored? Do you live in a fortified compound? Do you have a fallout shelter? Because if you don’t, and you live anywhere near a city, things are likely to get ugly in the coming year, especially when Hillary enacts her gun ban. She’ll need UN troops to enforce it, as no local police officer that I have spoken with on the matter would enforce it. As such, we have a Constitutional crisis on several fronts, not only the 2nd Amendment, but in terms of her eligibility for office, due to hear wreckless and careless handling of classified data, which is a felony. Remember, “Loose lips sink ships!”

As if pockets of civil war breaking out between the midwestern gun owners and the federal government were not enough, Hillary will likely start playing a wreckless game of Poke the Bear with the Russians over Syria. She doesn’t care. She’s at the end of her lifespan. She doesn’t care about the lives of her children, she’s in favor of partial birth abortion. She drinks and is often with a hangover. So if she’s out of it when that 3am call comes in that we’re at war with Russia, how is she going to act in a rational manner? Not likely. The remaining question is what are the odds we go all the way with Russia to war? And will a nuclear exchange be limited, or will both leaders day “to Hell with everything!” and unleash thousands of missiles? The other question is how good is the US missile shield? Back in the late ’60s, we had LASERs in development that were to be deployed in orbit, for the sole purpose of shooting down incoming Russian ICBMs. I don’t know if this system is still functional or was scrapped.

So what happens when the missiles start to fly? For a mild guess with a Hollywood look, see this:

The Day After (movie)

Mind you, that depicted a limited nuclear exchange. Russia has over 2,000 bombs over 1MT. And now has a bomb that is large enough to completely destroy an area the size of Texas. And it’s not single bombs anymore. Modern ICBMs have multiple warheads, so it’s almost impossible to shoot them out of the sky. Some will get through and do their damage.

So where are the targets? See the map below:

Nuclear Target Map
If you’re in ground zero, consider yourself lucky, for in nuclear war, the living shall envy the dead. If not, there are days, if not weeks of suffering from radiation sickness. Not to mention lack of food, potable water, electricity, sanitation. Even if, by some miracle, you’re out of the way and manage to escape deadly fallout, what about these other things? There isn’t going to be electricity or sanitation. Food? You’re kidding, right?

So the best policy is to avoid this scenario. Hillary must not make it to the White House! Even if nuclear war doesn’t happen on her watch, we will still be reduced to a nation of serfs, disarmed and subject to inordinate taxation, as we become a new Banana Republic.

Donald Trump is far from my vision of what would make a good president, but in light of the alternative, the decision is a no-brainer.

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November 8, 2016 at 3:01 pm

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Home Fire Prevention Tips: How to Minimize Your Risk of Avoidable Fires

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Over the decades, I have given much thought to fire prevention. Not having the luxury of enough income to afford luxuries like fire and flood insurance, I realized that the first line of protection from these events is my responsibility. Here’s what I have learned over the years:

  1. Inspect your electrical system and have it repaired if necessary, by an electrician with forensic fire investigation experience. He will know more about how electrical fires start and know what to look for and how to correct it. From really idiotic things like pennies used as fuses, to non-armored wiring being chewed on by rodents, dangerous conditions can result from poor wiring practices, animal nests in the fuse/breaker panel, etc.
  2. Practice safe electrical habits. Don’t use old, frayed extension cords, or appliances in which the cord is cracked and can potentially become shorted. Don’t place electrical cords under carpets. When using appliances that get hot, such as toasters, hair dryers, electric skillets, always unplug them when not in use. Electric skillets can overheat if the thermostat contacts ‘weld’ themselves in the on position, causing the unit to overheat. Always attend to this type of appliance while in use and unplug it if it malfunctions.
  3. If you have an oil fire while cooking, DO NOT DOUSE WITH WATER. Doing so will make the oil fire spread to other parts of the kitchen. Instead, use a tight-fitting lid to cover the pan and quench the fire by starving it of oxygen.
  4. With the increase in laptops and cordless cell phones and tablets, modern households have a not often noticed fire hazard: the Lithium Ion batteries in these devices. Sometimes they fail, and an internal short can cause a lithium fire, which is nearly impossible to extinguish. Do not operate, store or charge these devices in the presence of flammable materials. That means don’t charge your phone on a nightstand next to a box of tissues. Should the battery overheat and vent flames, the tissues will rapidly accelerate this fire into a major fire. Best practice is to charge your devices on a sheet of steel plate. You can get a steel plate at a home repair store or hardware store. Better yet, charge in an open steel box. I also charge some of my devices on the concrete floor in the basement. Laptops, phones, tablets and several other portable media devices use these battery types and should be charged on a non-flammable surface, a couple feet away from anything flammable. Do not use them in bed! A friend of mine recently came home to what nearly could have been a house fire–his laptop caught fire on the coffee table. The wood burned deeply, but fortunately did not sustain combustion. Even so, it caused thousands of dollars in smoke damage to his home.
    laptop fire_634x356
  5. Heating systems. Another major cause of fire is heating systems. A properly maintained boiler or furnace is a good investment. Make sure your chimney is clean of creosote. Creosote can get hot enough under some conditions where it can ignite. A chimney fire is a well-aspirated fire–it burns like a flamethrower. This creosote buildup is of most concern if you run a wood burner. Oil furnaces should be tuned and operating properly. A poor fuel-air mixture can result in coking deposits in the flue, posing a fire hazard at some later time. If you have gas fired heat, regular inspection for leaks is good insurance against a catastrophe. On November 10, 2012, an explosion in the Richmond Hill subdivision in Indianapolis, Indiana in which two people died and five homes were completely destroyed; a total of 80 homes affected. If you currently use gas, you might consider converting to oil heat, as it is far safer.
  6. Candles, including religious candles: Use only away from flammables. Use away from curtains, on a stable surface in a stable tip-resistant holder. Anticipate the unexpected, such as a toppled candle. Burning candles in a clear area where if they did fall, they could not come in contact with flammables.
  7. Torchiere lamps with halogen bulbs. These get VERY hot. I recall a fire some years back that got started because one of these was too close to draperies in the livingroom. Consider switching to safer LED lamps which operate at cooler temperatures. Side benefit, you’ll have lower electric bills. In fact, converting all incandescent lamps to LED will allow fixtures to operate cooler and reduce the risk of fire. Avoid the use of CFL lamps. Cheap ones can fail and some have started fires.
  8. Air ‘fresheners’ that you plug into your wall outlet. If you have any of these UNPLUG THEM IMMEDIATELY and dispose of them. When I was working at a tower site, I had the opportunity to chat with a Fire Marshall from Old Saybrook, CT. He informed me that the leading cause of house fires at that time (2005-06) was these plug in air fresheners. What happens is a heating element heats a ‘wick’ and causes the fragrant oil to evaporate into the air. Some of these mechanisms fail, overheating the oil to its flash point. Since the oil itself is flammable, you have an instant fire, fueled by its own accelarant.
  9. Clothes dryers: The tubing that vents the hot air from your dryer builds up lint. This tubing should be cleaned out once a year, along with any grates that may be present to prevent squirrels from entering the dwelling through the vent. Clean the lint filter after each load. If possible, use the low heat setting and run the cycle for a bit longer. Don’t operate dryers while away or while sleeping.
  10. Cars and trucks and other fuel-equipped vehicles: Don’t store or park them inside a garage that is part of the lower level of the dwelling. If possible, store lawnmowers, chain saws, fuel, oil, etc., in a garden shed at least 30′ from the dwelling. Park your car in the driveway, at least 20′ from the house, if you have the room. Cars have been a significant cause of the worst dwelling fires, even when turned off. For example, some Ford and Lincoln models have caught on fire while parked, due to a faulty switch on the brake master cylinder. The switch shorts out and, using the brake fluid as fuel, starts a rapidly spreading fire.
  11. Lightning safety: There are some things you can to do minimze risk here, though not completely. One is having a good grounding system for the electrical service where it enters the house. And underground feed is a help, too. Having masonry installed where the electric service enters the home can deny a lightning strike the fuel it needs to start a major fire. A good surge suppression system involving coils of heavy wire in a separate NEMA box before the service enters the final surge suppressor can reduce the energy of a lightning strike at a nearby pole to levels which will not ignite wiring inside the walls. Use of armored wiring or steel conduit greatly reduces risk of fire from both lightning and shorts caused by rhodent damage to wiring. Avoid tall metal structures or antennas on your rooftop. If you must have an antenna, use a mast some distance from the house and bury the feed line underground to the house.
  12. Use of BBQ grills: When cooking, always use the grill outdoors, away from overhangs and not in the garage. Grilling on the back deck is okay if the grill is at the far end of the deck, furthest from the dwelling wall. When using charcoal briquettes, allowing proper cool down before disposal is essential Briquettes can remain hot enough to start fires the morning after a BBQ. When disposing of the ashes, do so in a pit and douse the pit with a garden hose. For gas grills, make sure the grill lights immediately. A grill that doesn’t ignite, but continues to vent gas is a potential bomb. Always supervise the use of the grill and when done with cooking, turn off the gas valved on the gas canister.
  13. Holidays/Christmas trees: A tragedy every year in the making are lights that get hot combined with dried out pine needles. If you use a real tree, keep it well watered. Switch from incandescent to LED lights for added safety. Make sure the proper size fuse is installed in the string, so as to safely disconnect the string should there occur a short somewhere in the string. Inspect your string wiring before decorating the tree each year. Discard any that should signs of wear, such as broken insulation.
  14. Smoking: Don’t smoke in bed! Believe it or not, this is a major cause of smoking related fires. Don’t toss your butts on the ground near leaves or anything else that can burn. Don’t throw into a trash receptacle–other flammables like paper may be in there and ignite from the embers of the cigarette/cigar butt. Don’t smoke around any volatile chemicals, fuels, nail polish remover, etc.

These are a few of the major fire risks that typical home dwellers must contend with. In the event that a fire DOES happen, make sure that you have smoke alarms at key locations in the home, situated such that their activation will awaken the most sound sleeper. In addition, I recommend CO alarms, because if a heating system malfunction should occur, causing carbon monoxide to build up in the living space, it can kill you without any aromatic warnings (it’s odorless). This is especially important is you MUST park a car in the attached garage. Exhaust fumes can build up in the living space.

More information can be found at the National Fire Protection Association at .

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Predictions for 2016 and Beyond

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I’ve been telling people since March of last year the following course of events which I predict based on demographics, social trends and electoral process.

1. Hillary Clinton will be our next president.

2. We will have a nuclear incident in August of Hillary’s first year in office.

3. Millions of Americans are going to die from exposure, lack of potable water, sanitary facilities and food.

I’ll fill in the reasoning:

For the first event, I am using much the same heuristics that I used to call the 2012 election for Obama: Demographic shift. Last November, I saw it in my own neck of the woods, as our entire town shifted hard left after the election, throwing out Republicans across the board and electing Democrats from top to bottom.

On a national scale, progressive leftist ideology is on the rise and is rallying hard. We see the socio-economic entropy approaching an event horizon now, where things go hyperbolic and start to happen with a frightening swiftness.

The demographics have tipped in 2008: we are a nation where the non productive takers now outnumber the productive givers.

The choice of Bernie Sanders, a rich, old man, the type that leftists typically deride, with his fairy tale story that magical unicorns will shit Skittles for the working class, will take enough votes away from other Democrat contenders to all but ensure that Hillary wins the nomination.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump is gaining popularity with the protectionists among us. But his bullish ways won’t be welcome in the White House, so his role is relegated to diluting the voting base for Republicans, ensuring a Democrat victory.

For the second event, the nuclear deal with Iran is a present that will keep on giving. In August of next year, it will give to millions of Americans once more, in the form of mass death. Here’s how I expect it to go down:

The Iranians will bring a container ship close to the New York harbor area. On it, will be a crude but effective nuclear device, attached to an improvised missile launcher. This device will reach an altitude of several thousand feet before it detonates over New York City. Immediate damage will be significant but not devastating, as the bomb will likely have a yield under 12kT. 100,000 people will die from the direct effects of the bomb within the first two weeks. The majority of that will be radiation poisoning.

Event number three follows closely: The more catastrophic problem will be that the EMP from the bomb’s detonation so far into the northern hemisphere will result in great amplification of the EMP effect. This will destroy key (and hard to replace) components of the power grid. The grid will become non functional from Nova Scotia to Tallahassee, FL and to the west as far as the Ohio River Valley.

The grid will be down for 9-12 months, as key transformers need to be built and shipped from China to the US. It is during that time that approximately nine million people will die from the lack of sanitation, water food and electricity. Riots and battles for survival with the scarce remaining food and fuel resources will ensue. Gradually, 2-3 weeks after the rioting dies down, more people will die from diseases and food-born illnesses brought on by lack of refrigeration and a population inexperienced at surviving without modern technology.

As winter approaches, (and it will be a cold winter as our sun enters a Maunder Minimum with reduced sunspot activity and less heating of the Earth) people will begin to suffer from the cold and great numbers will die from exposure. By the end of a year, nine million people from the east coast will be dead.

It sounds incredible, but there are many scientific accounts of what happens to modern societies after an EMP event. The trick is to prevent the event from occuring. I am not convinced that the so-called “leaders” in the US wish to prevent it. In fact, they have plans in place that benefit from such a turn of events. The trillions of dollars spent on underground “continuance of government” plans and facilities, the many private organic farms that produce safe, GMO-free food not for sale to the public, but for the consumption of the Elite Leaders in government, are evidence that they plan to go on in our demise.

I used to think that this could be stopped, but now I realize, after 20 years of warning others, that people can be fatally addicted to their beliefs and completely unwilling to listen to Reason. This intellectual dishonesty which is so pervasive among the progressive leftists prevents them from acknowledging reality. They continue to believe in contradictions and become hostile when presented with facts that expose their fantasies.

This is why America won’t be saved. The many decades of progressive education has already created generations of people unable to perceive an undistorted reality. On a grand scale, civilizations go through cycles of rising and falling. America is in her fourth turning. This is the unpleasant phase of history, and it’s going to suck to be an American living in America when this crap hits the fan next year.

To the American leftists who brought us all to the brink: you’ve earned it. I hope you get every bit of what’s coming. You deserve it.

For everyone else, we should have been more vocal much earlier about the dangers of the New Left.

Good luck to every productive citizen in the world. This is going to be a rough ride. The key to survival is Location, Location, Location. Being as far from the Epicenter of this disaster as possible is a good start. And good luck.

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January 1, 2016 at 2:25 pm

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Tom Baugh’s Figured It Out

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If there is nothing else that you do this week, or for the rest of the month even, the one thing you need to do is watch this 8-part presentation by Tom Baugh. In all the years of reading, listening to, and talking with the perveyors of ideas, especially those that paint a dystopian future for America, this man’s ideas are non-contradictory, well formed and constructive.

There are 8 parts–the above is the entry point. He systematically identifies what ideaology has brought America down, who the bad guys are (not the IRS, not the cops–think Pogo here), how we need to frame the situation and, after it all collapses, how we can rebuild a value-for-value society.

This man is brilliant. There’s no hyperbole, no fat, no ‘conspiracy’ theory. There is just facts, integrated and all the dots connected so you can see just how we got into this mess that we’re in.

For those into disaster, yes, there are plenty of predictions. For those thinking they can run, hide and stash, Tom’s view is congruent with mine: the tax man will taketh your farm and your food stash. So don’t bother. You can’t stash away enough anyway, unless you were rich enough, and if you are rich enough, then you have other options.

Bottom line, see this presentation. It’s clarity of point, precision organization and consistency of ideas will be an ephiphany for you.

Tom Baugh is the author of Starving the Monkeys Fight Back Smarter, which goes into detail about the coming shift in America’s future and what we all can do to hasten the collapse and pick up the pieces while there are still pieces worth saving. His web site is

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April 12, 2011 at 7:20 pm

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Nuggets of Wisdom

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It’s been a while since the last entry, but some real gems have cropped up recently. Here’s one:


John Adams’ political writings and specifically “A Dissertation on the Canon And Feudal Law.” John Adams’ work begins with:

“”Ignorance and inconsideration are the two great causes of ruin of mankind.” This is an observation of Dr. Tillotson, with relation to the interest of his fellow men in a future and immortal state. But it is of equal truth and importance if applied to the happiness of men in society, on this side the grave. In the earliest ages of the world, absolute monarchy seems to have been the universal form of government. Kings, and a few of their great counsellors and captains, exercised a cruel tyranny over the people, who held a rank in scale of intelligence, in those days, but little higher than the camels and elephants that carried them and their engines to war.”

Why would the men that fought against such tyranny over their lives and of land ownership and irrational laws, implement a practice that they just fought a war to get away fromf? My answer is that they would not have and hence why for the first time in recorded history a country was created with a government of laws not of men, that did not rule the people but protected their right to their lifes and hence all the property that they could accumulate through their life’s efforts.


“Any form of property tax or regulation denies the individual’s right to fully control his own property and, therefore, his own life. For this reason, taxation and regulation of property is always wrong- taxation is theft and regulation by initiated force is slavery.” ~Morris and Linda Tannehill, The Market For Liberty (p.54)

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February 20, 2011 at 8:15 pm

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