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Today, I opened up Facebook to find myself logged out. When I looked closer, I found that I was banned for 3 days for the following post:

“North Korea has no business dictating Japan’s policy. Kim Jung Un should take a long walk off a short pier.”

This is very suspicious, so I did some research and learned that North Korea recently created a page on Facebook. Hmmm… so Facebook is now squashing any dissent of North Korea or their “dear leader”.

Since protecting an enemy of the US is considered Treason, I decided to file a complaint with the Department of Homeland Security. We’ll see how that goes.


Written by basspig

May 7, 2018 at 12:25 pm

School Shootings: An Opportunity to End Public Schools

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The time has come to put an end to Marxist indoctrination centers which are ‘gun free’ zones that make your children ‘fish in a barrel’ for deranged shooters.

How many children must die before Americans as a whole, recognize that the State cannot protect your children and that by grouping them in gun free zones, puts their lives at risk?

It is time to end this barbaric practice of compulsory indoctrination by the State, and with it, 80% of the cost of local government. Think about what YOU could do with an extra $8000 annually in your budget?

The Left has championed the phrase “never let a crisis go to waste.” We should also adopt that as an opportunity to take down the false paradigm of public ‘education’. With enough people fed up with the mass deaths in public schools, more people will turn to private schools and home schooling.

I have met home-schooled children, and all of them impressed me with their sensibility, unshackled imagination, and sheer level of knowledge about science, math and even politics, which far exceeds that of most adults one encounters. Meeting and talking in-depth with these kids makes me realize what a terrible disservice public schools are. They crush the spirit and the human soul, and cause much of the problems that result in the kids who are lease conformant to Marxist indoctrination to blow up in the most dramatic fashion.

We have a rare opportunity to convince the American public that public schools are a bad idea. We now understand that gun free zones are a target zone and that police on campus are incompetent fools collecting a paycheck. Anyone serious about shooting up a school would quickly cicumvent school ‘security’ officers.

For a long time, many have been aware that schools are breeding grounds for disease like influenza. Locking up large numbers of children in closed spaces makes an ideal germ spreading ground. Of course, Big Pharma profits off of this with the ever-increasing schedule of vaccines that are mandated for school children.

But ouside of traditional diseases, what do do with those brighter kids that won’t conform to Marxist indoctrination? Drug them with SSRIs and other chemicals that are black label drugs with known side effects that include violence, dillusions and hallucinations.

The fact that every school shooter to date has been administered SSRIs and anti-depressants should not go unnoticed. But the left leaning media, funded largely by advertizing from Big Pharma, willfully ignores it. And of course the media is quick to point the finger at guns, rather than the cause: deteriorating social fabric of American society.

So what happened? Why it is that in 1950, kids regularly brought their varmint rifles to school, the schools had marksmanship training and shooting competitions, and no one was ever shot?

What happened durng the 1960s that changed our culture? Our country, mostly comprised of peaceful, hard working white Europeans at the time, could not conceive of doing the heinous acts that kids regularlary engage in today. You can see it in pop culture. Music is a barometer of social and cultural health.

I lived in the northeast during the two major power blackouts. The one in 1965 saw nothing bad happen. People simply waited for the power to return. The phrase “where were you when the lights went out?” became a popular colloquialism at the time.

Just 12 years later, in 1977, another power blackout occured. But this time was different: riots, looting, robberies and violence dominated. What changed? The culture. This was the direct result of Lyndon Baines Johnson’s ‘Great Society’ of open door immigration, Black Power, and a shift away from earning and achievement to nihlism and entitlement.

In a short span of time, the population was replaced with the wrong kind of people and the Left gained an electorate. At the same time, Communists were taking over professorial positions at our major universities and inculcating Marxist ideas through the new curriculum at these iconic places of higher education. The stage was being set for a takeover of America.

So a once pieceful and more homogenous American population was being invaded by outsiders, many whom were savages from barbaric countries, and turned into turmoil. Along with the barbarism, was imported a new Electorate–one that would ensure Democrat party rule indefinitely in cities where they were able to increase their numbers sufficiently to exterminate the white vote.

While the Democrats got their electorate, what they lost was civility. But that was convenient because it means a raison d’être for the Prison Industrial Complex. In the years following the rise of the Left in the US, America became the largest penal population in the world, eventually exceeding evil Communist states as China and Russia. And all that money flows into Democrats’ (and quite a few Republicans’) pockets.

In conclusion, our social fabric has been polluted by the rewarding of savage cultural ideas and the uncontrolled immigration of the “poor, huddled masses” of MS13 gangs, and other seditious groups who hate our way of life and who want to murder us all. It should be no surprise that the disenfranchised children, lacking the moral compass their granparents relied upon, would do such acts as we have been witness to. It is the nation’s failure on a grand scale–the collpase of a morally bankrupt society that we are witnessing here.

In an among the confusion, we have an opportunity to shut down public education and return the power of education to the parents, where it belongs, not the State. We have the excuse now–the safety of our children and the inability of the State to guarantee any safety at all. Now, seize the moment. Pull your child from public school. Do it. Everyone. Now.

Written by basspig

February 19, 2018 at 12:29 pm

Why I’m Leaving Facebook & Why You Should Too

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Facebook locked me out of my account for 24 hours. I could not post anything, nor respond to customer messages in my business pages on Facebook. I could not respond to private instant messages. The Messenger app would not function either. There was no way for me to share a post, like or react to a post, etc. Even my wife, who is an admin on my business pages, could not post or answer messages from customers.
Facebook, Twitter and some other social media outlets are highly unreliable with an ability to shut you down or take down your content. Facebook in particular just hired 10,000 people to “police” what users write. I’m reading stories about people that are being banned for stuff they wrote on FB over a YEAR AGO. They are also using algorithms that look for words and photos that FB deems ‘offensive’. So you can be automatically banned by the system when one of these algorithms comes across your page.

These arbitrary and capricious acts by Facebook in an all out attack on free speech will not be tolerated. I am leaving Facebook.
The dangerous thing is that Facebook infects much of the internet. In order to log onto many discussion forums and post, or even to log into your B&H Photo account, or other online stores, you must have a Facebook account.
Android phones are polluted with a non-removable Facebook app that cannot be deleted, unless you root the phone.
You will find me on MeWe and Let’s all move to social media sites that do not force us to live under the European Union’s idea of speech and communication, even though we live in the United States.
Together, if we all move out of Facebook, we can bring down this CIA-funded information gathering system. I will laugh out loud the day that Zuckerburglar goes bankrupt and can’t pay the taxes on his home and gets booted out onto the street. That man is an unscrupulous fiend who took advantage of the partner who made it possible for him to develop the social media platform. It seems likely that his wild success was not possible on its own–he took advantage of government funding to make this the ultimate tool to spy on Americans and others.
In late 2003, Harvard sophomore Mark Zuckerberg asked a Harvard student named Eduardo Saverin, to deposit $15,000 in a bank account that would be accessible to both of them. The money, Mark promised, would go toward the servers needed to host a site that Mark wanted to develop. The site would be called Eduardo agreed.
Saverin no longer works at Facebook. He hasn’t since 2005, when CEO Mark Zuckerberg diluted Saverin’s stake in Facebook and then booted him from the company.
Remember, on Facebook YOU ARE THE PRODUCT. Your personal information is being sold. You are being spied upon. And now they are getting bold and censoring what you are allowed to say on your own wall.
Facebook is unreliable. Your account can be shut down at any time, for any reason. Always have alternative means of communicating with the people you know on Facebook. Let’s all take down Facebook by leaving the platform and joining other social media sites that don’t censor. Together, we can take down this Communist system by starving it of its food source: us.

Written by basspig

December 30, 2017 at 4:42 pm

The Case for Eugenics

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Why Sending Aid to Under-Developed Nations is Immoral

It sounds like a dangerous title, “Eugenics,” because we have been programmed by media for decades that Eugenics is bad. But there are two kinds of eugenics that can be practiced: Active Eugenics and Passive Eugenics. It is the Active kind that have been the hallmark of monsters like Hitler and Stalin. However, lets discuss the only moral form of Eugenics: the witholding of aid to under-developed nations.

For decades, we have seen the campaigns on television, the teary-eyed Sally Struthers, begging us to open our hearts and our wallets to “save the children” of some despotic hell hole in Africa or South America. This campaign has been profitable for the sponsoring agencies. Foreign aid foundation presidents enjoy rather extravagent salaries. And the whole thing rests on the premise that people are altruistic and short-sighted. That is, they only care about the short term goal, the “feel good” sensation of believing they have helped even one child to be fed for another day. It is a strongly engrained emotion among the religious people of affluent nations, and their engrained altruistic beliefs make them feel guilt for their economic success. So they give money, to the tune of millions of dollars ever year.

Now here is the problem. Anyone who has been to a state park in the Northwest United States has probably seen a sign warning visitors not to feed the bears because they will become dependent on the visitors and forget how to provide for themselves. The same principal applies to people. And a famous witicism, “feed a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.”

Aid to under-developed nations is feeding a man a fish. Unfortunately, the problem is much worse than dependency. When starving populaces are fed with food they did not produce themselves, they breed faster and become even more needing of food. Their numbers multiply quickly and food aid must be ramped up to keep the level of starvation in check. But it’s a nasty viscious cycle and it is cruel to the primative people themselves.

Why is aiding starving people cruel? Because aid begets more starvation which demands more aid. Feeding primative people enables them to have a false sense of civilization and that false security enables them to breed more rapidly. But they have not evolved to generate their own food supply. Aid is increasing their numbers without increasing their IQ and their knowledge.

For those who remember the popular TV series Star Trek, we can draw one very nice principal: the Prime Directive. It is the highest law of space travel in the Federation of Galaxies: non-intervention. Observe. Communicate. But DON’T intervene. Hands off. Leave each species to evolve at its own pace. This is a law which we on Earth would be wise to observe. Our failure to do so has created numerous crisis around the world. In fact, feeding the poor has resulted in many more starving, because the populations receiving aid start breeding in a manner and at a rate that would not naturally occur with food scarcety limiting breeding behavior.

Nature knows best. The continents are separate for a reason. Different peoples evolve at different rates because of this. Society has this foolish notiont that it must lift every being to the level of ‘civilized man’, but it is a faulty assumption, because some peoples have another 10,000 years of evolving to do before they are ready to fit the description of ‘civilized’.

Written by basspig

April 18, 2016 at 11:16 am

Islam Will Take Over the World: It’s a Mathematical Certainty

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Fact: The western populations are reproducing at a rate below the needed 2.11 offspring per union, required to sustain a culture. North America, 1.6 children per union. Italy, 1.2. Spain, 1.1. 

Muslims: 8.1 offspring per union.

At this rate, by 2020, Islam will be the dominant world religion. France will be an Islamic nation. England, Norway and Sweden are not far behind.

Muslims are in the process of “biological jihad”, populating the world and infiltrating every western nation, it’s government and it’s general population. This happens as immigration, and “birth tourism” enable babies born in the US and other nations, such as the UK, to gain citizenship by birth. As the number of Muslims reaches a majority, so will the voting tip in favor of Muslims in government office and finally, the passage of Sharia Law.

Russia’s population of 144 million contains 23 million ethnic Muslims. Plus, Russians of Orthodox background are converting to Islam. Russia had about 300 mosques in 1991 and now there are at least 8,000. Experts predict that by 2010, some 40 percent of Russian military conscripts will be Muslim.

Think about that for a moment. Who controls Russia’s nuclear arsenal? What happens when the decision-makers in Russia are Muslims? If they are true to their Q’uran, they will use the weapons of global annihilation to strike a blow to the infidels in the west. Since they are religious and believe in an afterlife, and firthermore, the belief that they will be rewarded with 72 virgins in that afterlife, there is no rational deterrent to commiting mass suicide through nuclear armageddon.

This raises a serious problem for the free world. How do we stop them from reproducing? How do we prevent them from taking over the military forces of nuclear powers of the world? It doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to conceive of the possibilities of an Islamic-controlled Russian nuclear arsenal. And it’s not just Russia–Islam is spreading into other nuclear nations around the world. Once the tipping point is reached, and once Muslims are in control of the weapons, they will have but one step left to achieve their thousand years’ long goal of murdering infidels by the millions.

I’m not a big fan of diplomatic talks, but in this case, I think the first line of defence is for all the reasonably rational nations of the world to implore the expulsion of Muslims from within their borders and from their government positions. It sounds harsh, but the alternative leads to a thousand years of Dark Ages.

Islam need issue no terrorism, fight no wars, explode no bombs. It need only wait until, by sheer numbers, it will dominate the world.

Written by basspig

November 17, 2013 at 11:07 pm

9/11/2013 Strike for Liberty

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For one day, 9/11/2013, we are taking our site down and going dark as a show of support and to bring attention to a very important cause. We suggest you join us, if you are in agreement with the sentiments below:


This much is clear — the NSA isn’t going to stop their crap until and unless the people demand it and start holding government — and the private businesses that make what they do possible — accountable.

What we are doing: Going “Dark” on 9/11/2013.

On 9/11/2013 if you run an Internet site you go dark – disable access for the day.
If you use the Internet you go dark – don’t use the ‘net for the day.
And whatever you were going to buy, whatever you were going to do on 9/11/2013, you do not do on 9/10, 9/12, or at any other time.

Why we are doing it:

We all have the 4th Amendment right to be secure in our papers, effects and lives, including electronic transmissions, until and unless there is a warrant issued detailing a specific alleged offense and identifying the specific items to be searched for or seized. This includes our emails, it includes our phone calls, text messages and the location data generated as a necessity to provide us with mobile services, which we did not consent to be used for any purpose other than providing those services. It includes no “automatic license plate readers” on police cars, light poles and such. This is what The Constitution says; it is not a suggestion.

The Constitution, in fact, does not give us these rights; it explicitly states that they are ours and that the government is forbidden to rip them from us or ride rough-shod over them. But the wonderful people in government agencies (such as the NSA) merely smile and repeat their anti-Constitutional felonies. So, in response to this institutionalized malfeasance, here’s a proposal:

We should all have every single law enforcement officer, who work for us and are paid for by us, have at all times a video and audio recording device on and working while they are on the job and the lack of any said record, any delay in turning over such a record, or any evidence of editing or tapering thereof with said record shall be cause for dismissal with prejudice of any charge brought by or through any act of said person irrespective of any other evidence, with one exception — if the suspect is the one who caused the record to be tampered with or destroyed.

Please distribute extensively. For a printable copy please email A special thanks to Karl Denninger at and

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September 10, 2013 at 8:05 am

End of 2011 Wrap-up

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As support in North Dakota grows in favor of abolishing property taxes and making it an amendment to their state constitution, it’s time to push for similar measures in the other 49 states. Supporters of the bill gathered more than 28,000 signatures to put that question on the ballot next June. I can hardly wait until this spreads across the nation, as millions are being made homeless by the hidden property taxes that make for multi-thousand dollar a month mortgage payments.

I must admit to some skepticism here, though.. North Dakota is sitting on a huge oil deposit and jobs in the oil industry are booming right now. Other states don’t have the natural wealth in the ground (or in many cases, that wealth is "owned" by the federal government and locked up. Which brings me to the next interesting topic…

There is No Oil Shortage

The US government statistics show that within the US borders, there are about 1.4 trillion barrels of recoverable oil in the ground. That’s about 250 years’ worth at 7 billion barrels a year — more than all the oil the world has consumed since the first oil well was made operational 150 years ago in Titusville, Pennsylvania.

Federal restrictions on land leasing mean that only 2.2% of the developable oil fields are available to be worked by oil companies. The rest is locked up by federal beaurocratic rules.

Looking at coal supplies, North America has 497 billion short tons of recoverable coal — more than three times that of Russia.

So the energy crisis is government-fabricated. We could be enjoying gasoline at less than fifty cents per gallon if the government would get out of the way and let the offshore drilling be done. We could solve our energy problems, stop the wars and scale back our spending to defense only. Which brings me to the next topic…

War and Banksters: An Unholy Alliance

I’ve been gradually reaching the difficult-to-stomach conclusion that much of the "unsolveable" problems of the world are being created on purpose and that purpose is to enrich the world bankers–uh banksters. It’s quite probable that the situation is hopelessly entrenched and beyond fixing, as was the story in the movie The International. Corruption has set in at every level of government, in every office, save for a few, and throughout the banks and Wall Street. In fact, the corruption is so widespread that the law enforcement arm of the government is broken, thus allowing one ponzi scam after another to operate, bilk its clients and the go bankrupt. The ugly creature is beginning to emerge, open it’s gaping maw to reveal unspeakable horrors now. Government is also running rampant, flagrantly abusing its authority, harassing small businesses, farmers, food co-ops, etc. Things have run amok and it’s so scary, because it’s not a Tom Clancy novel anymore–it’s now the reality. Many stock market players are waking up to the fact that "yesterday’s tinfoil is today’s reality."

So where does that leave us? Revolution? You gotta be kidding. The People, with their pistols and rifles, against Predator Drones, Hellfire missiles, Smart Bombs and who knows what else? There’s no level playing field. A revolution won’t stand a chance. So what can we do?

Wait for it all to collapse. The way the Fed is printing counterfeit fiat paper, it is a mathematical certainty that the whole system will eventually collapse. It won’t be an organized and orderly one, either. The banksters and their henchmen at the Fed will kick the can down the road as far as they can, and when it won’t go any farther, get ready for the most catastrophic collapse the world has ever seen. Remember Black Friday sales? See how people will trample each other to death over a $2 Chinese made waffle iron that will probably be in the dump in 2 months? Now imagine those same people haven’t had anything to eat for three days, the supermarkets are stripped bare of food (because there’s no fuel or money to pay the transportation side of the economy) and the grid goes down and suddenly it’s economic armageddon. Uh-oh. There are something lik 65 million people in America that are on government welfare. When those welfare checks stop, you can bet all hell is going to break loose.

So, with the stage set, we’re waiting for the dominos to fall. The first domino is Greece, then the collapse spreads like wildfire across Europe. The EU is about to dissolve under the stress already. Europe will plunge into chaos and much of the money that was invested there will flee to the US or other safer territory, temporarily, giving the Dollar a short-term boost. But the fire is not out. And the fiscal irresponsibility of the US government will continue to elevate the problems here in the US until our day or reckoning arrives, as it is in Europe. Some say we have maybe 18 months. Others conclude that it may be more like 5 years or longer before it all goes to hell in the US. While we can’t agree on the timing of collapse, we all can agree that it is a matter of when, not of if.

The big question hanging over concerned preppers is what will be the course of action on the part of the government? With recent legislation on the table granting the government the power to indefinately detain Americans on American soil, rumors of half a million plastic coffins at FEMA centers, internment centers next to railways in much of the south and other signs of German Nazi-style prison camps popping up all over the place, one has to wonder if, upon the great crash of the USA economy, whether the military will be deployed to round up US citizens and relocate them all into prison camps or slave labor camps. It sounds absurd, and even five years ago it was unthinkable, but I think the federal government and their power broker henchmen are scared to death of an awakening Sheeple. They are doing everything they can to prepare for mass civil unrest. We know they have the tax-extorted funding to pull it off. The real question is will they use it, or will things deteriorate so fast that enlisted men refuse to report to duty, preferring to bug out with their families to safety on their own? So many questions.

As 2011 comes to a close, the USA sits in the precipice, with no viable pro-American candidates running on either party, and a growing, but microscopic, support for the Libertarian Party. People are getting fed up in the USA, and polls are showing that, but with 51% of the voting public on the welfare roles, the Democratic system is a failure. It will have to collapse, and civil war will kill off 3/4 of the American population, if not first by famine, disease and panic, in the two weeks following the shutdown of the American economy. Get ready, and hope the government doesn’t try to steal what reserves and housing you’ve set aside for yourselves. Good luck, America!


Written by basspig

December 13, 2011 at 1:27 am