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America’s Judgement Day

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Voters have the choice between a banana republic and the rule of law.

2016 could well be the year that marks a major inflection point in world history. We have the choice between continuing and escalating the corrupt establishment, and trying something unknown. Of course a lot of people fear the unknown.

So here’s what the likely outcomes are:


A Hillary victory would spell the end of a free America. Her plans to impose an Australian style gun ban, tax estates at 65% and bullheadedly invade Syria against the Russian forces who are there on the invitation of the Syrian government, would lead to civil war on a local level, and quite possibly nuclear war between the two Superpowers.

A Trump victory would still largely be an unknown outcome, but statistically likely to be not as bad. Oh heck, nothing is as bad as nuclear war! Still, he’s made a lot of pie in the sky promises which I doubt he can see through to implemtation. But his promises resonate with the heartland of productive Americans. Would he be too soft on Russia? Perhaps. Or maybe not. But what of his negotiation skills? As a businessman, he’s honed them quite well. Can he adapt them to politics? That remains to be seen.

The voting public is sharply and bitterly divided for this election cycle. In my own circle of friends, I see and mentally categorize whom is voting for whom. So far, I’ve noted that my associates and friends who are government employees, or unemployed and enjoying government subsidies, or underemployed and on government assistance, are voting for Hillary. Of the CEOs, ordinary business owners, and productive working people that I know, Trump is their man. I also see a divide in the neighborhood. The new McMansion style homes that were built in the last few years have Hillary signs out front. The older homes of blue collar workers have Trump signs. A clear class division.

As of this writing, mid afternoon of election day, Hillary has a wide margin in her favor:

And look at all the blue states. This, my friends, is the result of fifty-plus years of Progressive Education.

It could be too early to call it. At least wait until working people get off from the job and go and vote. Maybe things will look brighter.

So what if it doesn’t turn around? What then? How much ammo do you have? How much food stored? Do you live in a fortified compound? Do you have a fallout shelter? Because if you don’t, and you live anywhere near a city, things are likely to get ugly in the coming year, especially when Hillary enacts her gun ban. She’ll need UN troops to enforce it, as no local police officer that I have spoken with on the matter would enforce it. As such, we have a Constitutional crisis on several fronts, not only the 2nd Amendment, but in terms of her eligibility for office, due to hear wreckless and careless handling of classified data, which is a felony. Remember, “Loose lips sink ships!”

As if pockets of civil war breaking out between the midwestern gun owners and the federal government were not enough, Hillary will likely start playing a wreckless game of Poke the Bear with the Russians over Syria. She doesn’t care. She’s at the end of her lifespan. She doesn’t care about the lives of her children, she’s in favor of partial birth abortion. She drinks and is often with a hangover. So if she’s out of it when that 3am call comes in that we’re at war with Russia, how is she going to act in a rational manner? Not likely. The remaining question is what are the odds we go all the way with Russia to war? And will a nuclear exchange be limited, or will both leaders day “to Hell with everything!” and unleash thousands of missiles? The other question is how good is the US missile shield? Back in the late ’60s, we had LASERs in development that were to be deployed in orbit, for the sole purpose of shooting down incoming Russian ICBMs. I don’t know if this system is still functional or was scrapped.

So what happens when the missiles start to fly? For a mild guess with a Hollywood look, see this:

The Day After (movie)

Mind you, that depicted a limited nuclear exchange. Russia has over 2,000 bombs over 1MT. And now has a bomb that is large enough to completely destroy an area the size of Texas. And it’s not single bombs anymore. Modern ICBMs have multiple warheads, so it’s almost impossible to shoot them out of the sky. Some will get through and do their damage.

So where are the targets? See the map below:

Nuclear Target Map
If you’re in ground zero, consider yourself lucky, for in nuclear war, the living shall envy the dead. If not, there are days, if not weeks of suffering from radiation sickness. Not to mention lack of food, potable water, electricity, sanitation. Even if, by some miracle, you’re out of the way and manage to escape deadly fallout, what about these other things? There isn’t going to be electricity or sanitation. Food? You’re kidding, right?

So the best policy is to avoid this scenario. Hillary must not make it to the White House! Even if nuclear war doesn’t happen on her watch, we will still be reduced to a nation of serfs, disarmed and subject to inordinate taxation, as we become a new Banana Republic.

Donald Trump is far from my vision of what would make a good president, but in light of the alternative, the decision is a no-brainer.


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November 8, 2016 at 3:01 pm

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