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Predictions for 2016 and Beyond

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I’ve been telling people since March of last year the following course of events which I predict based on demographics, social trends and electoral process.

1. Hillary Clinton will be our next president.

2. We will have a nuclear incident in August of Hillary’s first year in office.

3. Millions of Americans are going to die from exposure, lack of potable water, sanitary facilities and food.

I’ll fill in the reasoning:

For the first event, I am using much the same heuristics that I used to call the 2012 election for Obama: Demographic shift. Last November, I saw it in my own neck of the woods, as our entire town shifted hard left after the election, throwing out Republicans across the board and electing Democrats from top to bottom.

On a national scale, progressive leftist ideology is on the rise and is rallying hard. We see the socio-economic entropy approaching an event horizon now, where things go hyperbolic and start to happen with a frightening swiftness.

The demographics have tipped in 2008: we are a nation where the non productive takers now outnumber the productive givers.

The choice of Bernie Sanders, a rich, old man, the type that leftists typically deride, with his fairy tale story that magical unicorns will shit Skittles for the working class, will take enough votes away from other Democrat contenders to all but ensure that Hillary wins the nomination.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump is gaining popularity with the protectionists among us. But his bullish ways won’t be welcome in the White House, so his role is relegated to diluting the voting base for Republicans, ensuring a Democrat victory.

For the second event, the nuclear deal with Iran is a present that will keep on giving. In August of next year, it will give to millions of Americans once more, in the form of mass death. Here’s how I expect it to go down:

The Iranians will bring a container ship close to the New York harbor area. On it, will be a crude but effective nuclear device, attached to an improvised missile launcher. This device will reach an altitude of several thousand feet before it detonates over New York City. Immediate damage will be significant but not devastating, as the bomb will likely have a yield under 12kT. 100,000 people will die from the direct effects of the bomb within the first two weeks. The majority of that will be radiation poisoning.

Event number three follows closely: The more catastrophic problem will be that the EMP from the bomb’s detonation so far into the northern hemisphere will result in great amplification of the EMP effect. This will destroy key (and hard to replace) components of the power grid. The grid will become non functional from Nova Scotia to Tallahassee, FL and to the west as far as the Ohio River Valley.

The grid will be down for 9-12 months, as key transformers need to be built and shipped from China to the US. It is during that time that approximately nine million people will die from the lack of sanitation, water food and electricity. Riots and battles for survival with the scarce remaining food and fuel resources will ensue. Gradually, 2-3 weeks after the rioting dies down, more people will die from diseases and food-born illnesses brought on by lack of refrigeration and a population inexperienced at surviving without modern technology.

As winter approaches, (and it will be a cold winter as our sun enters a Maunder Minimum with reduced sunspot activity and less heating of the Earth) people will begin to suffer from the cold and great numbers will die from exposure. By the end of a year, nine million people from the east coast will be dead.

It sounds incredible, but there are many scientific accounts of what happens to modern societies after an EMP event. The trick is to prevent the event from occuring. I am not convinced that the so-called “leaders” in the US wish to prevent it. In fact, they have plans in place that benefit from such a turn of events. The trillions of dollars spent on underground “continuance of government” plans and facilities, the many private organic farms that produce safe, GMO-free food not for sale to the public, but for the consumption of the Elite Leaders in government, are evidence that they plan to go on in our demise.

I used to think that this could be stopped, but now I realize, after 20 years of warning others, that people can be fatally addicted to their beliefs and completely unwilling to listen to Reason. This intellectual dishonesty which is so pervasive among the progressive leftists prevents them from acknowledging reality. They continue to believe in contradictions and become hostile when presented with facts that expose their fantasies.

This is why America won’t be saved. The many decades of progressive education has already created generations of people unable to perceive an undistorted reality. On a grand scale, civilizations go through cycles of rising and falling. America is in her fourth turning. This is the unpleasant phase of history, and it’s going to suck to be an American living in America when this crap hits the fan next year.

To the American leftists who brought us all to the brink: you’ve earned it. I hope you get every bit of what’s coming. You deserve it.

For everyone else, we should have been more vocal much earlier about the dangers of the New Left.

Good luck to every productive citizen in the world. This is going to be a rough ride. The key to survival is Location, Location, Location. Being as far from the Epicenter of this disaster as possible is a good start. And good luck.


Written by basspig

January 1, 2016 at 2:25 pm

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  1. Certainly people could migrate south to warmer weather areas to escape the deep freeze if the grid goes down, couldn’t they? Or do you think even Sao Paulo, Brazil is going to see heavy snow, 10s and 20s highs, and even blizzards during your predicted winter?

    King Mercury

    April 3, 2016 at 2:32 pm

    • No, I don’t think it will get that cold in Brazil, unless Yellowstone erupts on a major level.


      August 9, 2017 at 10:42 pm

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