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Feudal Land Title: A Commonlaw Fraud

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Feudal Land Title: A Commonlaw Fraud


When you bought your home for a king’s randsom (basically your life’s savings plus all future earnings), you never imagined that you were only buying the permission to rent the use of that parcel of property, did you? You thought you actually owned that property and that no one could take it away from you, so long as you didn’t forefeit your right to exist as a free person by commiting a heinous crime.

When I was much younger, and getting into my first home, I never dreamed that anyone could take a home away. I viewed homeownership as the cure for worries about coming up with the rent payments every month. But I found myself in for a surprise. The first bite came from city sewers coming in to my block, four years after purchasing a small starter home. The sewer assessment and tie in fees were non-negotiable and there was no legal way to opt out, despite letters written to town officials on the matter. I was mad because the septic was new and working fine, yet the town condemned it. We had to accept the chemical-infested city water, too. At that point, I had to rent a water cooler and import bottled water, as the town’s water was unsuitable for human consumption. To make a long story short, the sewer assessment bankrupted us. The house went into foreclosure and we found ourselves without a place to live. A mad apartment hunt ensued. After two weeks of searching, we’d found a dumpy attic apartment above a post office, with no fire exit and one main exit that was at the bottom of a steep flight of stairs. It was only the luck of inheritance money that we were able to buy a small parcel of land on a swamp in the middle of nowhere. Well, nowhere, forty-four years ago. And that’s when I started building my own home, pioneer-style, with my bare hands. The process turned me into a bear, as I was living and working among wild bears with nothing by a .38 S&W by my side, just in case. The house is not great, but today I am paying the full purchase price of my property in taxes every single year. Last year, the taxes exceeded my annual gross income. Trouble ahead!

Back to the main topic of this article now. Most of us are aware of the powers of Eminent Domain and probably know at least one family or friend who’s been a victim of this agregious violation of property rights. So we have property taxes, Eminent Domain and, oh yes, building codes and zoning laws–the government’s way of hinting that you don’t have any rights to do with your property as you please (even if you do so responsibly at your own expense without endangering your neighbors). So what is the underlying legal structure which makes all these violations of your rights acceptable under what should be a government that is rights-respecting of free people? It comes down to something called "feudal title". In essense, your property is still owned by the King, or by heirs of the King, which are more commonly known as collective society. That’s right: under US commonlaw, your home is owned by all the people, not you, who actually paid for it. Ironic, isn’t it? This is why the Fifth Amendment has a clause enumerating the compensation of landholders when land is taken under Eminent Domain.

There are two basic types of property ownership in so-called "commonlaw" nations: Allodial Title, which is also known as the "King’s Title"–absolute, irrevocable ownership of the property that no person or government entity can claim jurisdiction over or take action to remove from your ownership. The other type of title is known as "Fee Simple" title. It’s a form of permission to occupy and use the King’s land for a specific period of time, with you, the buyer, becoming a "land holder" or basically a custodian of the land. You do not own it. As such, land held under fee simple title is subject to a wide range of government actions, including taxation, eminent domain, zoning and police powers. Think of it as the government owning a house and you renting a room in that house, with the government having full power to inspect your room and observe what you’re doing at any time, for any reason, while collecting "rent" in the form of taxes. And you thought "owning" a home gave you security of not having to worry about the rent payments and eviction notices. Nope. Herein lies the fraud foisted upon every American citizen who has ever dreamed of owning a home.


As late as the Tudor period, in order to avoid estate taxes, a legal loophole was exploited where land was willed to a trustee for the use of the beneficiary. However, trustees often abused this privilege, and heirs found that the courts of common law would refuse to recognize the "use" clause, and would instead grant title in law to the trustee. However, the courts of equity, which were developed by the sovereign to deal with obvious injustices in the common law courts, ruled that the heirs were entitled to the use of the property, and gave them title in equity. As rulings of equity courts ranked above those of common law courts, this gave heirs the use of the land, but not title to it in the common law.

In the United States, "To say that land is owned ‘allodially’ is a fiction. All land under United States government jurisdiction is subject to expropriation by way of eminent domain."

Before 1774, all land in the American colonies could also be traced to royal grants, usually one grant creating each colony. The original grantee (recipient of the land) then sold or granted parcels of land within his/her grant to private citizens and other legal entities. However, when the colonies won the Revolutionary War, they did not want to retain a feudal system of land ownership. The Treaty of Paris (1783), which ended formal hostilities and recognized American independence, also had the effect of ending any residual rights held by the original grantees or the Crown. Essentially, this merely recognized that no person holding land in the new United States owed any allegiance or duty to the Crown or any English noble. There is no specific reference to allodial title in the text of the treaty. Some states created a form of allodial title while others retained the tenurial system with the state as the new ultimate landholder.

Few, if any, real estate agents understand what’s going on here. Even fewer know what Allodial land title is or where it originates. Most think of taxes as the "cost for living in civilized society" and are acceptant of such. If you bought a home and think that you own it, you’ve been hoodwinked. You should be beyond angry that the biggest financial decision of your life has been to allow yourself to be defrauded by misleading language ("own your own home", etc.) used in the real estate industry and in American culture, a/k/a "the American dream" of owning a home. Well, there is no American dream. You’re no better off than in other countries. In many ways worse off, as America has the most powerful and destructive government of any nation on earth and when directed upon a single citizen, can wreak utter and total destruction. Taxation puts all of the political power in the hands of government–you can’t say no to the government (well you can, but then be prepared for some unpleasant living conditions for an extended period) when the tax gun is held to your head. We mistakenly believe that we have political power through the vote, but in reality, the candidates that are ‘groomed’ for office by organizations with agendas that are not individualism-friendly, are not "in your corner"–they are already bought and paid for by special interests and won’t hesitate to steamroller over your rights if they get the chance.

So what can we do about this gross fraud and miscarriage of justice? Education is one area. Inform your realtor about this, point him or her to resources and research on Allodial Title and explain the differences. LTEs are another way to raise public awareness. Do your own research and blog about it. Talk it up on Facebook and Twitter. Even contact the news media with well thought-out discussion on the issue. The key is to raise public awareness. People need to understand that they’ve been bilked out of their life savings and that the whole land ownership dream in America is a gigantic fraud.


Written by basspig

February 16, 2010 at 1:51 am

26 Responses

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  1. Dang! Sounds like in several ways, America *is* the great satan. And there is no easy way to move to another country. Just reading the article makes me think; America deserved 9/11, America deserved the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, America deserved the 1993 World Trade center bombing, America deserved Hurricane Katrina, America deserved the 1906 and 1989 San Francisco quakes, America deserved to have the world’s strongest tornado hit Oklahoma City, and America deserved the April 1974 superoutbreak of tornadoes. Because America loves and enjoys ruthlessly evicting people and allowing only the currently richest people to have a roof over their heads, fresh food on their tables, a clean and comfortable bed to sleep in every night. Face it, folks, America is allready a Communist dictatorship, and it is headed straight for a disaster of unimaginable proportions if it does not turn itself around and abolish the dreaded Property tax.

    Dissapointed citizen

    March 15, 2010 at 4:22 pm

  2. Her leadership, perhaps, has become the “great satan”, but not all of her people are that corrupted, yet.
    Weather and nature care not about the actions of politicians. Reality exists and carries on despite what Washington does. However, the actions of men have certain definate consequences. And yes, we are headed toward a Communist-style dictatorship. History bears this out that every state which has moved toward Socialism, has eventually swung full-circle to Communism. This is soon followed by total, utter collapse. See former Soviet Republic. See Argentina.


    March 15, 2010 at 5:30 pm

  3. Right now, I plan to move to Florida, but just reading this article makes me really more want to move somewhere else, like either Turks and Caicos, Saipan, or the Cayman islands.

    Dissapointed citizen

    March 15, 2010 at 6:32 pm

  4. The ‘great satan’ attitude even seems to show, too, as it seems that any type of disaster or terrorist attack only makes the Government worse. For instance, air travel has become a carbon copy of travel by prison bus, especially with the banning of deodorants, colognes, toothpaste, and other harmless items, and worse, instead of just installing one way HEET turnstiles at airport terminal exits to keep people from entering the sterile area through the exit pathway, airport staff now aggressively searches passengers multiple times in numerous places other than the checkpoint, preferring to bend people over and violate their rights.

    Dissapointed citizen

    March 30, 2010 at 9:09 am

  5. A couple of times, I saw an episode of “It could happen tomorrow” on the Weather channel showing a scenario of a strong/violent tornado hitting Washington DC. Now I think that if it really happened and a big tornado did hit DC, America would deserve that, too.

    Dissapointed citizen

    April 6, 2010 at 12:02 pm

  6. You should also be beyond upset that the biggest financial decision that you made in your life is to become a serf to the government. For in addition to buying the permission to rent the use of a parcel of property, you are also pledging yourself and swearing yourself as a serf to the government. What you are doing is pledging an oath to the king that you will sweat and labor for the king and his heirs, not for yourself and your family. You are also pledging to the King to keep your annual income above a certain number at all times until you are deceased. It is the exact same thing as that when someone joins the military, he pledges an oath to fight hard for the country and a promise that only his death will stop him. And the privilege to rent the house can take 30 years for you to pay for, but only a drop in or loss of income for you to lose.


    July 20, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    • One core reason to be upset is the dishonesty of the government in making unilateral contracts that are not contracts in fact, but fraudulent, secret clauses embedded into paperwork we sign to get a bank account, SS#, or other financial instrument.
      Remember that the underlying issue is that We the People were not, individually, given the opportunity to make an un-coerced choice as to whether we want to participate in the Socialist income-redistribution system or not.

      There is an excellent talk on the erosion of property rights here:


      July 20, 2010 at 10:33 pm

    • When soldiers in combat or in training are given orders, they usually reply to those orders with “Sir, Yes Sir” to the head commander. Likewise, when you buy a house (really the permission to rent the use of a house) in the USA, technically, you are also replying to orders to support the city/county government with “Sir, Yes Sir” when you sign those papers for the mortgage and transfer of the title.

      Army man

      August 15, 2011 at 11:10 pm

      • There is a difference between enlisting in the armed forces and buying a house: in the former, you are pretty much informed of what you’re signing up for. In the latter, there is nothing in the sales contract that says “this contract is a fraud–hah! tricked you! you thought your were BUYING this house? You fool, you’re only being granted permission to rent it!” Nope, no way shape or form. Home OWNERSHIP is home OWNERSHIP, not renting from the government.
        Once you have a tax, you open the door to tyranny, because the power over government is lost the moment the government can put a gun to your head and demand payment.


        August 16, 2011 at 10:04 pm

  7. By the way, in addition to talking up the issue of property rents and Eminent Domain on Facebook and Twitter, you people out there should also talk it up on, the city-data forum, the talkstates forum, and all other public use forums that you might use.

    Change is needed

    September 9, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    • Great suggestion! This issue needs to be raised in forums that see lots of general traffic, but related to real estate and geopolitical circumstances that affect a person’s decision on where to move.


      October 20, 2010 at 7:52 pm

  8. If you think life is tough in the USA, and before you start calling the USA the “great satan”, you better take a look at North Korea. North Korea has absolutely Zero human rights. No freedom of speech, the government owns practically everything; your home and even your clothes, jacket, bed, everything. Kim Jong-il is a horrid and ruthless demon of a dictator. He rules North Korea with a heavy iron fist. He ruthlessly murders anyone and everyone who tries to change the government. In fact, Kim Jong-il even murders, in cold blood, entire families and generations of families of just one person who attempts to cause change in North Korean government, or even complains about Jong-il.

    North Korean defector

    October 23, 2010 at 7:05 pm

    • This is not my point, how ‘tough’ it is in the USA. My point is that the USA is a fraud. The claim is that we are the Land of the Free, but in reality, we are the Land of the Fee and if you don’t pay it, you wind up in conditions like North Korea, personally: Federal prison.
      America was founded as a bullwark against these kinds of abuses of individual rights. Over the past 150 years, the Socialists have taken it over, slowly infiltrating our universities, then creating “public education”, the trojan horse that has fooled so many naive Americans into believing they were receiving free education for their children, when in reality, the public ‘educators’ had an agenda to deprogram freedom-loving ideaology and instill a duty to the State in its stead. America is The Big Lie today. Her spirit only lives within less than 1% of the population. The rest have no explicit ideaology but pragmatism and in that realm, anything goes.


      November 28, 2010 at 4:08 pm

      • These are the things Patrick Henry voiced and wrote about when there was, in effect, a coup-de-etat against the Articles of Confederation. The national govt. being created was to strong even after adding the Bill of Rights which Henry insisted upon. He was right and Washington, et al was wrong about the Constitution being formed. Yes, in many ways the Constitution is a great document. It recognized man’s ‘natural rights’. But it was also very threatening document in many ways and Henry recognized that. It was as if the new govt. was acting out the part of the nation they had just defeated..Great Britain. The states were made subservient to the new national government.

        Public ‘screwls’ are a disgrace. Student scores are falling drastically. We need to demand the privatization of schools and the elimination of ALL property taxes with the emphasis on I.S.D. taxes. Go to your school board meetings and state this.


        December 13, 2010 at 7:38 pm

  9. Just a few hours ago, I read a book titled “Animal farm” by George Orwell. It is a story about animals at a farm that do a rebellion against the owners of the farm for mistreating them. When I think about it now, I suddenly realize what the situation with property rents (taxes) is. It’s like, the citizens are the animals and the governments are the owners and lords of the farm. To get an idea of how cruel property taxes are, I would also urge everyone out there to read “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. What the animals describe that is done to them by the farm owners is, mentally and technically, exactly what the government is doing to us citizens.


    January 26, 2011 at 11:27 pm

  10. Actually, enlisting in the army and buying the permission to rent the use of a house in the USA are technically the exact same thing. When you buy the permission to rent the use of a house, you are technically replying to orders to financially support the King with property rents with “Sir, Yes Sir” And just as failure to reply with “Sir, Yes Sir” to orders of the chief of the military platoon will result in severe consequences, failure to (technically) reply with “Sir, Yes Sir” to orders to support the Government financially when you buy the permission to rent the use of a house also results in severe consequences, the most common of which is homelessness, hunger, and being treated like an alien from another planet by society.

    It’s also weird, too, but I have seen on videos on the Discovery Channel of prison and boot camp inmates also being required to reply with “Sir, Yes Sir” to the staff of the prison and/or boot camp. And that too flows evenly with the type of situation that what society loves to call “property taxes” causes.

    He who knows

    October 15, 2011 at 3:48 am

  11. […] Property taxes are actually not taxes at all. The term "property tax" is none more or less than a deceitful mask and cover up for the real deal. What property taxes really are are property rents. Yes, you read correctly! They are property rents! When you "buy" a house, what you are really buying is the permission to rent the use of that house plus the parcel of land it sits on. Here is a very serious and highly important article you must see. Feudal Land Title: A Commonlaw Fraud Basspig’s Blog […]

  12. Excellent replies from everyone. The “Animal Farm” reference is most interesting. They used to teach that in the schools 40 years ago. I wonder if they still do?

    As I’ve mentioned in an earlier reply, when you buy a home, you are not disclosed (at least not back in the day when I bought my home) the true nature of the property status. The term “home ownership” leads one to believe that, like a suit of clothes, or a TV or a diamond, you own it and no one else has any claim to it. Furthermore, with home ‘sales’ in the quarter million dollar range, it’s quite convincing that you are actually transferring ownership of the land, not buying a rental agreement, which should cost no more than a small administrative fee.


    June 7, 2012 at 11:33 pm

  13. An interesting discussion is definitely worth comment. I beoieve thatt yoou ought to write more on this topic,
    it may not bee a tboo matter buut generally folks don’t discuss such topics.

    To the next! Kind regards!!

    cocktail dresses

    October 18, 2013 at 12:07 am

    • I plan to, as ideas come to mind from my research. However, right now, there appears to be a looming crisis in Washington which needs to be addressed and I’m planning to focus my next entries on the larger problem.


      October 18, 2013 at 11:04 pm

  14. I have just noticed something else that makes life even harder for the poor in America. When people can’t pay their rents, they get evicted and become homeless. But at the same time, homelessness is in fact illegal in the United States of America! Homeless people have been arrested and tossed in jail for sleeping outside, even for carrying blankets with them; in fact, one city on the panhandle of Florida even made it a crime to have a blanket in an outdoor setting exactly to curtail homeless living, organizations have been fined and even tossed in jail for feeding/helping homeless people. The police in America have zero respect for the homeless; only cold and cruel hatred, and a philosophy of “keep the homeless and the poor out of sight and out of mind.”


    May 3, 2014 at 11:38 pm

  15. Is this just for America or it applies everywhere in the world? I hate it when I see Americans so self-centered. There is a “rest of the world” you know?


    January 24, 2015 at 7:46 pm

    • I can only speak for my own experience. Other countries have other laws. Saudi Arabia has no taxes as far as I know.


      August 9, 2017 at 10:42 pm

  16. Those last words in the above article were quite scary. To me, in other words, the candidates that are groomed for office are not in your corner; they are already bought, groomed, and paid for by big fat bureaucrats and won’t hesitate to steamroller over your rights when they get the chance. All under the orders of the huge, greedy, and money hungry bureaucracies that groomed them for political work.

    At the same time, and this is very scary indeed, but it appears America is in fact rushing straight towards a nationwide police state/totalitarian dictatorship. Rumor has it that 9/11 was a suspected inside job, that the twin towers of the World Trade Center were sent crashing to the ground by planted explosives, not burning jet fuel, and that all the chaos was exclusively designed to; 1, give America a new shove towards dictatorship, and 2, get everyone to accept dictatorship and surrender their rights in the name of “safety” by broadcasting that burning jet fuel melts steel. As if they were going to get people to truly believe that jet fuel burns at no less than even 6,000 degrees, Fahrenheit and would melt and even boil a steel frame highrise to the ground in a matter of minutes. At Universal Studios already, the big roller coasters have metal detectors at the actual ride entrances, security personnell with metal detecting wands, and a zero tolerance policy for cell phones, wallets, watches, anything in one’s pockets. They don’t care if your pockets are sealed tighter than a steel drum, you are just as likely to get kicked out of line at Universal Studios for having a cell phone in even your zippered closed pocket and sent to the lockers as you are to get stopped for bringing even a loaded AK-47 through the airport. Like literally, imagine someone grooming your hair with 3 inch long steel razor-sharp spikes that hurt like blazes! That’s what the new American government and bureaucracies are doing! And so many gullible people are like; “No pain, no gain!”

    He who reads articles

    April 3, 2016 at 2:21 pm

    • I agree with your comment, with one exception. Steel softens and loses most of its strength at only 800°C. The girders didn’t have to melt for the building, whose core was already severely compromised, to collapse.


      March 16, 2018 at 10:15 am

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