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A number of people of the Socialist-Liberal view seem to find the notion that Islam is a violent religion to be preposterous, so the best sources of information to demonstrate that point are the writings of ex-Muslims who have an understanding of Islam from the inside.

One such individual is Bosch Fawstin, who has written a number of books on the matter.

In a recent Front Page Mag article, David Swindle interviews Bosch Fawstin on the topic in From Mohammed to Ayn Rand. Some pertinent quotes from the interview stand out as particularly interesting:

Hugh Fitzgerald is right in saying “the atmospherics of Islam” can affect even the least devout Muslim in a detrimental way. A strong thrust within Islam is to see any and all things outside of Islam as worthless, most particularly non-Muslims. When we did go to mosque there was never any real sense that something important was taking place. The majority of us who were involved in this pretense had no idea what to do, unless we followed the imam’s prayer moves (and many in attendance were fooling around anyway). “Islam” was the name of the thing that was held as ‘the good’ in my household, and it was that vagueness which helped keep it at bay. It was only when I started taking morality seriously that I realized Islam had nothing to offer me.

There is no “Political Islam” or “Totalitarian Islam” that is distinguishable from Islam itself. Islam is normatively political and totalitarian. We have evaded the true meaning of Islam in the name of respect for religion. But we cannot avoid the consequences of doing so. Mohammed was a Muslim and his religion was Islam; he was not an Islamist practicing Islamism. He was a Muslim who practiced Islam and engaged in its violent Jihad, forcing Islam into a world it failed to get into on merit. And any Muslim who is peace-loving and tolerant is by implication condemning their violent, intolerant “prophet” and the means by which their religion was spread. How Islam spread tells us exactly what Islam means. When the moral standard for an entire culture is a bad guy who crossed the line as a way of life, it explains why his most devout followers are the most violent among Muslims. We can try our best to stay clear of Islam, but Muslims have proven that they will never keep Islam to themselves unless they are forced to.

If 2,996 American politicians were murdered on 9/11, do you think Washington would have been interested in exonerating Islam and allowing this enemy to kill again? We all know the answer. Our politicians are so disconnected from the American people, that they now do everything but their job. If they can’t defend us, they’re good for nothing. They think that their job in this war is to win hearts and minds that already belong to Islam. And while they dispassionately wage a war on “terror”, not jihad, they allow the two greatest state sponsors of jihad terrorism, Saudi Arabia and Iran, to remain in business. For now, our government goes big on us and small on jihad, while telling us that we are not fighting a war against Islam, even though Islam is fighting a war against us.

Those who’ve sworn to defend us have decided that there are more important things to them than defending us. As I wrote in my introduction to ProPiganda, “Our leaders have decided that, while the protection of America is optional, the defense of Islam is absolute.” Our government has waged war the way the enemy wages peace and has never given the enemy a reason to end jihad. This enemy has been out for blood for over a thousand years.

But today, when Muslims are given the choice between Islam and freedom, they choose Islam. They did so in elections in Iraq, Afghanistan and “Palestine.” A “Palestinian” terrorist even thanked America for giving them the weapon of democracy after his terrorist group was voted in by those who celebrated 9/11. In any given culture, there is always a small minority of evil people. In the Islamic world, however, that small minority established Islamic rule and holds power to this day.

Women are considered a necessary evil in Islam since they are the only way to deliver male Muslims into the world. I was shocked as a teenager to see that the reaction to the birth of a girl in my family was the same as if someone had died. It was mainly Muslim women who responded this way, no doubt because they understood too well the mistreatment these girls likely would receive. For others, it could have been that Islam got to them so deeply that they really did believe women were just no damn good.

Well there you have it, straight from a former Muslim, who, when he discovered Ayn Rand’s writings, chose Reason over Faith. Now he is a formidable alley of freedom and an enemy of Islam and all the evil that it stands for.


Written by basspig

April 15, 2009 at 2:32 am

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